Cime Careddu GOLD DPS 6/6/1 CROWN Triblock

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Technical Description 
The machines consist of a chassis formed by a AISI 304 stainless steel tubular frame and steel plates. After the assembly, the plate is finished and painted, and the chassis is completely clad in AISI 304 stainless steel panels. The adjustable support feet allowing the height adjustment and the levelling of the machine are screwed in the lower part of the chassis. The four sides of the chassis are closed by safety carters manufactured of AISI 304 stainless steel, mechanically blocked, yet easily removable by authorised personnel for any maintenance in the internal part hosting the motorisation and the drive starwheel clutches with the devices for the automatic stop in case of malfunctions, the carrousel for the rotation of the upper part with the bottle lift cylinders. The lower internal part hosts also the motorization units for the height adjustments of the filler and of any turrets completing the equipment (e.g. rinsing, de-aerating, dosing, corking, inspection, wire-hooding machines, etc…). The adjustment can be performed manually or electrically depending on the type of the equipment. The driving is obtained through toothed gears to improve the noiselessness, they are manufactured of steel or thermoplastic resin, polyamide, and assembled in such a way that there is no contact between the steel gears. Safety guards consisting of AISI 304 stainless steel frame and transparent material allow a constant visual control by the operator of the machine. The sides consist of mechanically fixed panels while the front and the back ones are doors to open (electrically protected) for maintenance by specialized operators only with the machine stopped ant the safety device on. The central carrousel of the rinser, the screws and the star wheels, bear micro-switches immediately stopping the machine in case of lying or badly positioned bottles or containers with format different from that for which the machine has been equipped. An electrical control board with PLC inverter display and low tension controls manufactured according to the VDE is integrated in the safety enclosure. The switchboard hosts the inverter which through a potentiometer performs the electrical variation of the speed of the machine. The alphanumeric display (Touch Screen display on demand) allows visualizing all information concerning the bottling and also any alarms on the equipments (safety guards opened, lack of bottles at the inlet, bottle accumulation at the discharge). The PLC allows programming all necessary functions for the correct operation of the equipment. The electrical system and the control board fully comply with the EC norms. 
Once positioned the bottle in correspondence to the filling valve a cam presses the vacuum cylinder sucking the air contained in the bottle thanks to a pump connected to the central distribution system. About at the same time a cam presses the cylinder mechanically to inject the nitrogen/CO2 that is introduced in the bottle to eliminate the polluted air. Then a cam presses the vacuum cylinder again sucking the air and the nitrogen/CO2 contained in the bottle thanks to a pump connected to the central distribution system. The following operation consists in the compensation of the bottle by the opening of the valve that transfers the pressure existing in the liquid tank to the bottle. After equilibrating the pressure between the tank and the interior of the bottle, a spring opens the valve of the liquid starting the filling. The liquid is spread against the wall of the bottle by means of a special gasket on the level tube. The required level in the bottle is reached as soon as the liquid closes the hole of the filling tube. A special control cam closes the filling valve mechanically and starting in this way the degassing by means of the breather cylinder also controlled through a cam. The last operation consists of transferring the bottle containing the still liquid at level to the outlet star-wheel. This filling system is used mainly to bottle with white wines and products subject to oxidation. 
- Basis equipment for cylindrical bottles 0,33lt. Glass - Rinser fixed nozzle - simple treatment with 6 pincers - Stainless steel pipe-work on rinsing machine - System “no bottles - no spray” - Filling machine with double pre-vacuum and high pressure at 6 valves - Filling tank tested PED run. Tank is fully manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel and the interior surface of the tank is completely mirror polished to allow easy and safe sterilisation. - 6 air recycling pneumatic cylinders - Turret 1-head ‘CROWN’ to apply crown caps ø 26 mm with glass bottles - Manual lifting head rinsing, filling and capping turret - Spraying water for foam of beer - Vacuum pump with AISI 304 tank - Safety guards according to laws 
Speed:  900 b/h about/max on 0,33 ltProduct:  BeerFilling temperature:  +2°/+4°CVoltage:  220V/60Hz/24V/3 Phase Rotation direction:  clock-wise (left to right)Working surface height:  1.000 +/- 50 mmConveyor belt:  100 x 100 mm
Manufacturer:Cime Careddu S.r.l.
Model:GOLD DPS 6/6/1 CROWN

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