C.M.A. LUGANA 1R Grape crusher/destemmers

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Grape crusher/destemmer
C.M.A. Lugana 1R Crusher/Destemmer
C.M.A. adopted the same techniques used in their larger Lugana models for the Lugana 1R, which is specifically designed for the small wine cellar.
Technology developed to keep all the features of the fruit intact
As the grapes are fed into the feed hopper, placed on the longitudinal side of the machine, an auger meters them into the destemmer axle which rotates in the cage.
The sheeting of the destemming drum is with round countersunk holes.This avoids maceration of the grape-stalks. The speed of the machine can be adjusted through a mechanical speed control, to maximize the amount of whole grapes.Then the grapes fall into the rubber crushing rollers.Two calibrated hand wheels on the outside of the machine allow the operator to set the roller spacing to give the desired amount of crushing.
The LUGANA 1R unit can be opened and the must gathering tank can be removed.The destemming axle and the drum can be easily removed after opening the hood at the grape stalks exit. This allows for convenient maintenance for better sanitation.
The machine can be easily disassembled so that the operator can quickly reach the inner parts for their maintenance and full cleaning.
NO Pressing set, NO Must gathering tank included in the price.

Tons/Hr: 4 - 6
Power: 2.5 HP; 220V; 3phase
Must Tank Outlet: 3 Tri Clover
Machine weight: 507 lbs.

*The hourly production of destemmers refers to grapes in bunches. If the machines are fed with mechanically harvested grapes, the production will increase of 30% to 40% around.
Manufacturer:C.M.A. s.n.c.

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