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C.M.A. LUGANA 3R Grape crusher/destemmers


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C.M.A. Lugana 3R Crusher/Destemmer Proper operation with delicate handling of the fruit: As the grapes are fed into the Luganas feed hopper, a short auger meters them into the rotating destemmer drum. By destemming prior to crushing a superior must is obtained. The destemming drum and beaters operate at a low RPM to prevent maceration of the fruit and to keep the grape stems intact. To make this operation more delicate, the destemming paddles are now made of food grade polyurethane plastic instead of metal. The rotary destemming paddles offer the wine maker the possibility of adjusting the destemmer axle for the best operation on specific grape varieties. The speed of the grape in-feed auger is adjustable independent of the speed of the destemming paddles. This insures that the flow of grapes through the machine can be optimized for each variety. A second variable speed drive allows the wine maker to optimize the rotation speed of the destemming drum and the beaters. The speed control operates on both the drum and the beaters keeping their individual operation in proper synchronization. The Luganas crushing rollers are mounted under the destemming drum so no stems ar crushed into the must. The rollers are made of stainless steel and covered with food grade rubber. Adjustment requires no tools! Two calibrated hand wheels on the outside of the machine allow the operator to set the roller spacing to give the desired amount of crushing. Great versatility in its use The LUGANA 3 R destemmer-crusher is mounted on wheels to allow it to be easily moved about the winery. Two of the wheels can be locked to give the machine more stability while in operation. The standard LUGANA 3 R destemming drum will work all common grape varieties. If the wine maker sees a need for a special custom destemming drum, it can be quickly installed. If a different hole size is desired, it can be accommodated by special order. The LUGANA 3 R can also be used as a destemmer only if the wine maker desires whole berries. This can be done in two different ways. Either the rollers can be opened all the way (to a maximum of 45 mm. (1 3/4)) or the rollers can be removed entirely from the base of the machine. Complete removal of the crushing roller assembly is fast and easy by opening four latches. Destemming action can be eliminated for stem return by removing the destemming drum and axle from the machine. In this case the production of the machine will be less due to the crusher having to handle the stems. The destemmer-crusher LUGANA 3 R, in its standard model, is provided with: electrical control panel with starters and safety devices, removable adjustable crushing rollers, epicyclical speed control for the in-feed auger, epicyclical speed control for destemmer, must collection tank with in-feed auger that acts as a must mixer 80 mm sanitary fitting for the must line. The LUGANA 3 R offers you two options on the must pump. You can use an external suction type must pump with the Luganas must tank in place (fig. 1). Or you can use a volumetric pump with its own infeed hopper. To change over, unplug the power cable for existing Lugana must tank and slide it out of the way. If the wine maker desires destemming only, the machine can be sold without the crushing roller assembly. A chute will be installed instead to convey the crushed grapes from the machine. Excellent sanitation Sanitation is one of the most critical aspects of wine making. The LUGANA 3 R is designed to be quickly disassembled for cleaning. By releasing the special lever operated latches the operator can remove the destemmer cover. Then the hood for the grape stem exit is removed followed by the destemming drum and axle. The crushing roller assembly can be released from one side of the machine and swung open for cleaning or removed from the machine completely. No tools are required. A practical design with operator safety in mind The operation of the LUGANA 3 R machine is simple and practical. The speed of the destemmer and in-feed auger are adjusted by two hand wheels. Both are mounted where they are easy to reach. The destemmer speed hand wheel is equipped with a calibrated scale so the wine maker can always reset the machine to the optimum speed for each variety. The electrical safety system stops the machine if any of the covers are opened. The machine can only be restarted when the covers are latched back into place and the start button pressed again. The LUGANA 3 Ris also equipped with an emergency stop switch for the operator and meets all of the safety requirements of the stringent European standard C.E. NO Pressing set, NO Must gathering tank included in the price. Tons/Hr: 12 - 20 Power: 3.5 HP; 220V; 3phase Must Tank Outlet: 3 Tri Clover Machine weight with must tank: 860 Lbs. Must tank weight: 77 Lbs. *The hourly production of destemmers refers to grapes in bunches. If the machines are fed with mechanically harvested grapes, the production will increase of 30% to 40% around. Manufacturer:C.M.A. s.n.c. Model:LUGANA 3R Code:CMA-LUGANA 3R-R0 Category:DESTEMMERS

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