C.M.A. LUGANA 4 Grape crusher/destemmers

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Grape crusher/destemmer
C.M.A. Lugana 4 Crusher/Destemmer
The delicate handling of the grapes assures a good quality of the wine.After the grape-harvest and their transfer into the winery the first operation is destemming.Whenever this operation is fully, delicately and progressively accomplished, it prevents any harmful substance from going from the stems into the must, future wine.The Lugana 4 destemmer/crusher has a heavy structure, designed to meet demands of critical winemakers.Technology developed to keep all the features of the fruit intactThe rotation of the in-feed auger and of the destemming axle can be adjusted through the graduated hand wheels placed on the side of the machine.The destemming paddles are made of rubber and their inclination can be changed to optimize the work.The cage can be also supplied with a different hole size.The crushing level can be adjusted through the screws placed on the side of the rollers set.This allows for great versatility in its use.Through the LUGANA 4 you can:Destem or crush only by moving the mobile door placed inside the hopper.Handle the hand picked grapes or you can handle the grapes picked by machine after changing the inclination and the height of the rubber paddles of the destemming axle.NO Pressing set included in the price.
Tons/Hr: 25 - 30Power: 7.6 HP; 220V; 3phaseMust Tank Outlet: 3 Tri CloverMachine weight with must tank: 1,445 Lbs.Must tank weight: 77 Lbs.
*The hourly production of destemmers refers to grapes in bunches. If the machines are fed with mechanically harvested grapes, the production will increase of 30% to 40% around.
Manufacturer:C.M.A. s.n.c.
Model:LUGANA 4

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