C.M.A. MP 80 Wine pumps

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Wine pump
MONO PUMP TYPE MP 80This pumps are essential in wine cellar to assure soft transfer of grape, partial crushed grapes, and destemmed grapes. The pumps rotor consist of a stainless steel screw revolving inside a stator made out of natural rubber suitable for foodstuff. By revolving the rotor this creates volume displacements in stators cavities. This principle allows a gentile and continuous flow of material without changing the products basic properties.Main features:- Low Rpm assure long life of rotating parts.- May transfer high viscous products and liquids with or without suspended particles.- Continuous flow without pulsation.- Minimum ventilation and product s emulsion.- Low noise and vibration since rotor is made out of strong pipe.- Working pressure 4 ÷ 6 bar.- The pump capacity is ranging, according to type, from 12 T/h to 36 T/h (water at 20 to 25°C at zero counter pressure).- The C.M.A mono pumps are manufactured in stainless steel, have compact dimensions and easy to be used under destemmer-crushers and fermenting tanks.- Extra care is made to accommodate all the rotating parts under the basin to guaranty better protection (see detail 1).- The pumps are mounted on 4 wheels (2 fix wheels and 2 caster wheels) easy to handle inside the wine cellar.- Electric panel with start-stop and reverse starter (star delta starter for the models MP 80 and MP 100).TECH DATA:Power: 5.6 KwOutput: 15-20 Tons/HrMachine weight: 228 Kg
Manufacturer:C.M.A. s.n.c.
Model:MP 80

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