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C.M.A. N400 x 3.5 Conveyors


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BELT ELEVATOR WITH SUPPORTS - N400 3.5 meters (137.8inch) Belt elevators carry grape bunches, destemmed grapes, and fermented pressed grapes. The Belt elevators, series N400, are tracked and supplied with 4 wheels, 2 of them being turning wheels, for the shifts to be easier. They can be provided with several lengths according to the need and supplied in current production with hydraulic piston controlled by a manual pump for the height regulation. The conveyor belt is PVC made, fit for food contact, with concave profile H=50 mm. supports. The belt structure is double in order to make the cleaning of the upper and lower stripes easier. Moreover, the elevator includes a scraper with recovering basin. In addition, it can be supplied with a speed variator.  This machine is completely made of stainless steel AISI 304 with double grooves, in order to facilitate the operations of cleaning between the upper band and the lower band. The belt is made of non toxic PVC, suitable for contact with food staffs. Equipped with a towing roller and with another roller turning in the opposite direction this will obtain the longitudinal movement of the belt. Supplied with grapes receiving hopper mt. 0.96 x 0.75. It is also equipped with a ram action by a manual pump for the height adjustment. It is mounted on wheels to facilitate moving within the cellar. Fitting to collect the juice. Production per hour: Ton/Hr. 2 - 10Power: 1 HPWeight: 540 Lbs.Plane width: 15.8 inchesPlane Length: 3.5 mt. (11.5 Ft.)Speed Variator Manufacturer:C.M.A. s.n.c. Model:N400 x 3.5 Code:CMA-N400X3.5-R0 Category:BELT ELEVATOR

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