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C.M.A. PPE 3 Must pumps


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PERISTALTIC PUMPS PPE 3C.M.A. widens its own production introducing some new models of pumps: the peristaltic pumps PPE. These pumps give to the customers a delicate method for transferring of grapes, de-stemmed grapes, must, marc, and others liquids, mixed with solid parts, for the food industry. The transferring of the product is obtained by the action of two rollers on a rubber tube. The rotation of the rollers creates inside the tube an alternative movement of chambers, with the inside product, this continuous movement of opening and closing generates a linear flow.The product is treated with utmost delicacy, without crushing, emulsion or shaking.The peristaltic pumps laudable characteristic is to have no moving parts in contact with the product moved, limiting to the maximum the wear of all mechanical parts. It can also work dry without damages or problems.PPE pumps are provided in the standard version complete with various accessories: Stainless steel control panel with electronic speed variator (inverter) for regulating pumps flow Pipe fitting complete with expansion chamber for withdrawal if you just want to pump liquids Safety pressure sensor with adjustable maximum and minimum pressure limit * Optionals:Receiving hopper with motorized auger for feeding the pump (only for PPE2 and PPE3), complete of speed variator. Power: Kw 5.5 + 0.37Machine Weight: Lb 890+150Speed Tons/h liq: 4 - 26Speed Tons/h must: 3-15Attachments DIN 80 Manufacturer:C.M.A. s.n.c. Model:PPE 3 Code:CMA-PPE3-R0 Category:PERISTALTIC PUMP

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