Columbia Boiler MPH 80 HP 2” Tube Bare Boiler Steam boilers

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Steam boiler
Competitively-priced, narrow in width & easily serviced, this boiler is a modified Scotch, three-pass fire tube design for use as a 15 PSI steam or 30 PSI water unit. The sizes range from 5 BHP to150 BHP, natural gas or LP gas, #2 oil, dual fuel or biogas fired. Ideal for: breweries, distilleries, schools, apartments, bakeries, brewpubs, laundromats, dairies and many more applications.

MPH Features• 32-1/2” Compact width permits installation through  narrow doors and passageways MPH 5-80• Inverted skid base for forklift handling with low profile• Lifting holes for rigging into tough spots• Bottom hand holes for thorough cleanout• Top hand hole for tube inspection• Cleanout door on flue box• Trim for 15 psi steam or 30 psi water• Low/High/Low standard burner operation MPH 30-125• Modulating burner standard MPH 150, on/off burner MPH 5-20• Natural gas, propane, methane, biogas, oil, or dual fuel firing• Optional hot water coils 300 to 2460 G.P.H.• Overflow tapping for steam unit
• Individual tappings for steam controls• 83%+ efficiency. Economizer package available for high efficiency• Wet base design• Three pass, firetube construction• Welded tubes are schedule 40 pipe for long life 13 Gauge rolled tubes are easily replaced• Fully packaged or knocked down• Forced draft firing, no special vent requirements• Constructed in accordance with requirements of Section IV of the  Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code• All boilers are designed, inspected and stamped for conformity to  the requirements of the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors and packaged to meet CSD-1 safety requirements.

MPH SPECIFICATIONS AND DATA - 15 PSI STEAM / 30 PSI WATERMODEL NO. MPH-80Horsepower 80Gas Input (BTU/hour) 3,360,000Oil Input (Gals./hour) 24Gross Output (BTU/hour) 2,755,000Gross Output Steam (Lbs/hour) 2,760Heating Surface - Sq. Ft. - Pipe 314.7Heating Surface - Sq. Ft. - Tube 295.8Furnace Volume - Cu. Ft. 15.3Water Capacity Steam - Gal. 333Steam Volume - Cu. Ft. 14.9Water Capacity Flooded - Gal. 444Qty. & Length of 2” - 13 ga. Tubes (72) 49-1/4”Hand Hole Quantity & Size (3) 3x3-3/4Standard Burner Electrical 230/1 †
WATER COIL DATACoil Model Number (1-1/4” Outlet) N4GPM Single Coil - 100° Rise 15GPM Twin Coil - 100° Rise 30
BOILER DIMENSIONS (INCHES)A Bare Boiler (coil plate to drain) 86.6Burner Plate to Rear T/A 99.375A1 (Turnaround to Turnaround) 104.0B Length (Turnaround to Burner) 136.8C Boiler Width 32.5D Height Supply Outlet 77.9E Minimum Safe Water Level 58.1F Burner Opening to Floor 17.4G Flue Box Height 56.1H Flue Outlet Diameter 12I Safety Valve Opening 2.0 NPTJ Coil Connections to Floor 61.1K Supply Outlet Location 23.3L Supply Outlet Size 6 FlangeM Return Inlet Height 21.6N Return Inlet Size 3 NPTO Drain Size 1.5 NPTBoiler Dry Weight - Lbs. 4851
-- [827015] STEAM TRIM MPH80
-- [891060] CRT-9 BOILER FEED SYSTEM - Horizontal Low Pressure -- 15PSI steam
-- [827310PF] GAS BURNER CR3-G-20A  
-- [965392] PACKAGE W/J W/TEST
MPH Standard Equipment 
Probe Type Low Water Cut Off and Pump Control, Auxiliary Probe Type LWCO, Operating and Safety Limits, 15 psi ASME Safety Valve and Steam Pressure Gauge.
Manufacturer:Columbia Boiler
Model:MPH  80 HP 2” Tube Bare Boiler

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