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CUNAT DL1T Filling machines

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LIQUOR DOSING MACHINE MODEL DL1T WITH 8 POSITIONS The machine is studied and made due to the demand of small processors who are looking for a practical, easy to maintain, excellent manufacturing and affordable machine. We are convinced we have meet all of these features on this model so we can solve the problem of small scale handling bottles. Its performance is really simple. After ""degorge"", the bottles are placed on the turntable and then dosed and refilled one by one on the main spout of the machine. Preparation for the dosage and final filling are made easily with a simple movement of the hand that commands the top, called distributor plate of the machine. It is on where is situated the cup glass measure for liquor regulation. Distribution plates are built in AISI 316 stainless steel. 8 positions turntable and support base are made in iron and specially treated to resist splashing wine with. All parts in contact with the wine are made of stainless steel, glass and food quality rubber. Output: up to 100 bottles per hour Manufacturer:CUNAT Model:DL1T Code:CUNAT-DL1T-R0 Category:DOSAGE MACHINE

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