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MINI CORKING MACHINE  - INOX VERSION  Semi-automatic corking machine for cork, plastic and synthetic stoppers.The corking machine can handle corks with a maximum measurement of up to Ø 30 x 50 mm (on request).MAIN FEATURES: Corks bottles and straw-covered flasks of any height, by regulating the bottle lifter load plate with an automatic sensitized block which eliminates any possibility of breakage (With a safety solution in the bottle lifter load plate). 24 V control button. Manual loader with a capacity of about 200 corks. Ø 14 plunger. Also designed for corking with synthetic corks. The corking machine is available with a vacuum kit (to create an automatic vacuum between the wine and the lower part of the cork) or a nitrogen kit (which introduces a small amount of inert gas between the wine and the lower part of the cork). The corking machine also has a useful object/bottle holder located at the base with wheels, although it can also be used on a work bench. Version structured entirely in stainless steel AISI 304, or varnished. Various options are also available. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS:Dimensions with base: Width mm 500 Depth mm 570 Work bench height mm 840 Motor HP 1 (mono-phase, or 3-phase electricity on request) Weight 90 kg Hourly capacity about 1000 Supplier:Enolta Mapan s.r.l. Model:MINI Code:ENOLTA-MINI-R0 Category:CORKING MACHINE

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