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Enolta Mapan MINI LUX Bottle corkers


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ENOLTA SEMI-AUTOMATIC MINI LUX CORKER - WITH METAL HOPPER - MICROSENSOR PLATE BOTTLE - INOX JAWS The MINI-LUX offers the small winery an economical semi-automatic corker. The MINI-LUX features a fully automatic feed of the corks from the hopper to the jaws. The corking cycle is activated by simply placing the bottle on the platform and tripping a micro-switch. Possibility of corking flasks and bottles of any height, adjusting the bottle lifting plate, equipped with automatic lock system, in order to avoid any danger of breakage. Built completely of stainless steel, the MINI-LUX guarantees long lasting durability and lower maintenance. The MINI-LUX also uses stainless steel jaws and is rugged enough to handle synthetic corks. FEATURES:- Button control with bottle-lifting plate micro sensitizer- Metal hopper with capacity of about 500 corks- Safety device in the bottle - lifting plate - The corking machine is equipped with a stand, but can also be set on a work bench.- Pusher cork rod diameter 14- Is also suitable for the utilization of synthetic corks SPECIFICATIONS:CORK HOPPER CAPACITY: 500PRODUCTION: 1,000/hrHEIGHT: 1,800mm (71 in.)WIDTH: 400mm (16 in.)DEPTH: 600mm (24 in.)BOTTLE PLATFORM HEIGHT: 800mm (32 in.)CORK DIMENSIONS: 26 X 50mmPOWER: 1 HP - 1PH 60HZ Supplier:Enolta Mapan s.r.l. Model:MINI LUX Code:ENOLTA-MINILUX-R0 Category:CORKING MACHINE

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