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GAI 12115P-2 Rinsers


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[1] 15 Two phases rinser-blower  Øp mm 810. (example water + gas) in stainless steel for bottles with 115mm max diameter. A gripper device takes the bottle by the neck and - through a system of sprocket-wheel-rack pushed by a cam - turns it upside down. The nozzle enters in to the bottle neck for 75 mm. The injection takes place only in bottle presence. There is no contact between the bottle neck and the injector parts.The two injection system are completely separated. The calibration and duration of the injections may be adjusted through an external cams system. The dripping water is recovered in a closed circuit without wetting the machine. The pincers then go back to normal position and opens letting the outlet star place the bottle on the conveyor belt. Infeed screws bottles inlet.Height electrical adjustment.Air blow to eliminate drops on the bottle mouth exterior.Safety guards in accordance with CE standards with tempered glass doors.Dummy bottles with manual positioning for rinser sterilization.Equipped for a cylindrical bottle.PLC and operating terminal (touch screen). Speed 1.000-4.000 bottles/hour  Manufacturer:GAI S.p.A. Model:12115P-2 Code:GAI-12115P-2-R0 Category:AUTOMATIC RINSERS

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