GAI 1301S top Monoblocks

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Automatic monobloc in stainless steel made of:
[1] Bottle deaeration station. A high vacuum pump takes out about 90% of the air inside the bottle. After that the bottle is filled with neutral gas chosen by the customer (Nitrogen or CO2). Electrical height adjustment.
[2] 8 Gravity filler with light depression Øp mm 360 - Øb mm115. The filling valves (patented) cut off both the wine and the gas return, excluding any contact between the inside of the tank and the environment. The filling level changes between 30 and 90mm from the top of the mouth. Wine feeding from the bottom allows a natural and total emptying of the tank. The flow is adjusted by a pneumatic electrovalve. The washing and sterilization of the tank provide the outflow from above. The filling valves have got an open position for washing and sterilization. The pedestals of the bottles are mechanical with thrust by spring and return by cam.
[3] Gas injector before corking reduces the oxygen quantity between wine and cork (the injector has dummy bottle for its own sterilization).
[4] The 4140P corker closes the cork slowly to a diameter of 16mm by using 4 stainless steel prismatic guide jaws hardened, ground and polished. It creates the vacuum in the bottle neck by a high vacuum pump so that the fast introduction of the cork would not create any pressure and avoid any risks of dripping. The head and centring cone disassembling are very easy.
Bottles enter by infeed screw.Monobloc supplied with safety guards in accordance with CE standards. Equipped for a cylindrical bottle.
Output 1000 litres/hourSpeed 400-1.600 bottles/hour 
Manufacturer:GAI S.p.A.
Model:1301S top

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