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GAI 23124/28 Bottle fillers


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[1] 28 Gravity filler with light depression Øp mm 1152. The filling valves (patented) cut of both the wine and the gas return, excluding any contact between the inside of the tank and the environment. Centralized level adjustment and centralized valves opening for sterilization. The filling level can be adjusted between 30 and 90mm from the top of the mouth. The valves have centring cone. The feeding of the wine centrally from below allows the tank to be emptied naturally and completely. The flow is adjusted by an electrovalve. The washing and sterilization of the tank allow the outflow from above. The filling valves have got an open position for washing and sterilization. The pedestals of the bottles are mechanical with thrust by spring and return by cam. Filler tank with big thickness and high polishing. Infeed screws bottles inlet. Height electrical adjustment. Filler tank with big thickness and high polishing. Equipped for a cylindrical bottle. The monobloc is equipped with: - Capacitive probe (Vega) with analogue signal from 4 to 20 mA for feeding pump inverter management of the filler. - Safety guards in accordance with CE standards with tempered glass doors. - Centralized dummy bottles with manual positioning for rinser sterilization. - Proximity to check bottles descending at the end of the filling stage. - PLC and operating terminal (touch screen). Output 5.250 litres/hourSpeed 1.500-8.000 bottles/hour (INVERTER) Manufacturer:GAI S.p.A. Model:23124/28 Code:GAI-23124/28-R0 Category:AUTOMATIC FILLERS

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