GAI 4192P/2 Bottle corkers

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Bottle corker
Automatic corker in stainless steel with cork + screw on the same column composed of:
[1] Gas injector before corking reduces the oxygen quantity between wine and cork (the injector has dummy bottle for its own sterilization).
[2] The 4140P corker closes the cork slowly to a diameter of 16mm by using 4 stainless steel prismatic guide jaws hardened, ground and polished. It creates the vacuum in the bottle neck by a high vacuum pump so that the fast introduction of the cork would not create any pressure and avoid any risks of dripping. The head and centring cone disassembling are very easy.
[3] Single principle screw capper (4 rolls no-cap-no-roll with inverter) for screw caps of maximum length 60mm. Caps distribution is “on flight” with gas injection to decrease the percentage of oxygen in the cap itself. A rammer in the position next to the distribution assures the descending also of the caps that are longer than 40mm. Capsules closure occurs in the next position. There is no gas injection in the bottle before capping. Instead there is gas injection in the capsule before distribution.
Infeed screws bottles inlet.Machine to be installed in line.Corker with safety guards in accordance with CE standards.Equipped for a cylindrical bottle.
Cork Speed 600-3000 bottles/hour 
Screw Speed 600-2500 bottles/hour

NOTE1: The corker has no corks hopper. It is advisable using the corks feeder 4140W-800. (See the CAPSULES FEEDER section).NOTE2: the monobloc has only one capping station, hence it can work only with the cork head or with the screw head. Changing the type of capsuling requires the technical time for the column rotation.
Supplier:GAI S.p.A.

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