GAI 43903 V1 Capping machines

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Bottle capper
STELVIN LUX MULTI-HEADS AUTOMATIC SCREW CAPPERSMultiheads automatic revolving cappers in stainless steel composed of:[1] 3 Screw capper revolving turret without thread ØP (mm) 288. Capsule distribution ""on the fly"" with inert gas blow in the capsule. Screw closingdevice (without thread) motorized that allows changing the rotation speed using the central gear to pass from normal capsule to Stelvin-Lux one. It has pre-set for a system that prevents the bottle rotation during the closure (mandatory for Stelvin-Lux). Magnetic sensor for metallic screw capsules presence.Photoelectric cell device to avoid the store up of bottles at the exit of the monobloc.Infeed screws bottles inlet.Machine to be installed in line.Safety guards in accordance with CE standards with tempered glass doors.Equipped for a cylindrical bottle type.PLC and operating terminal (touch screen).Version V1 is fed by vibration with vibrator on the turret.Version V2 is fed by vibration with vibrator on the turret back.Version M has alveolar vibrator.
Speed 1000-4500 bottles/hour
Manufacturer:GAI S.p.A.
Model:43903 V1

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