GAI 4395P/2 Capping machines

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Bottle capper
Automatic capper in stainless steel with plastic capsule + screw on the same column composed of:
[1] Screw capper. The first operation is the gas injection in bottle to reduce the quantity of oxygen between wine and capsule. The second operation is the gas injection in the capsule to reduce the quantity of oxygen in the capsule. The third operation is the placement of the capsule on the bottle neck with the help of a pneumatic piston. The last operation is the capsule closure on the bottle neck with a 4 rollers device (2 for thread and 2 for bottom closure). The device has a no-cap no-roll device. The rotation speed can be adjusted with the inverter.
[2] Gas injector before corking reduces the oxygen quantity between wine and cork (the injector has dummy bottle for its own sterilization).
[3] Capper for plastic head cork with vacuum for capsule taking and pick-and-place fed by vibration.
Infeed screws bottles inlet.Machine to be installed in line.Capper with safety guards in accordance with CE standards.Equipped for a cylindrical bottle
Speed 600-2.500 bottles/hour (INVERTER)
>>>NOTE: the monobloc has only one capping station, hence it can work only with the screw head or with the cork plastic head. Changing the type of capsuling requires the technical time for the column rotation.<<<
Manufacturer:GAI S.p.A.

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