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GAI 4612DL Capsule dispensers


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Automatic monobloc in stainless steel composed of: [1] Long autonomy capsules dispenser mod. 4608D-401 for tin, polylaminated and shrinking capsule with:• Capsules presence photocell• Drum with multi cups• Press-capsules device before sleeking [2] 12 Multi-heads revolving sleeker for tin and polylaminate capsules with heads speed rotation adjusted through inverter from 1.000 to 2.000 r/pm (for aluminium caps add pre-sleeker).Infeed screw bottles inlet.Equipped for one type of cylindrical bottle.Machine supplied with security guards according to CE standards with tempered glass walls.Machine fully administrated by PLC and Touch Screen.Anti-jamming device with photocell at monobloc exit.Machine to be installed in line (without conveyor and re-sending roller, machine by-pass kit).Sleeking turret electrical height adjustment.Turrets electrical height adjustment. Speed:Polylaminated and tin: 2000-10000 bottles/hour  Manufacturer:GAI S.p.A. Model:4612DL Code:GAI-4612DL-R0 Category:MULTI HEADS SLEEKING MONOBLOCKS

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