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GAI 5103W Bottle washers

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Automatic washer-dryer in stainless steel with intermittent movement composed of: [1] Bottles washing station. [2] Drying bottles station. Infeed screw bottles inlet. Equipped for one type of cylindrical bottle. Machine supplied with security guards according to CE standards. Disks allow bottles rotation and are kept hold by pneumatic bottles-pushing heads. The basement is covered by soundproofing materials to reduce noise. Machine to be installed in line (without conveyor or re-sending roller). The formats height adjustment is manual with the use of a single knob for two stations. Bottle Ø 60-115mm h 170-400mm Monobloc movement type: Intermittent WASHING STATION Bottle bottom brush: 1 Capsule brush: 1 Body washing brush: 2 DRYING STATION Heads for bottle capsule, neck and shoulder dry: 2 Rubber wiper for bottle body dry: 1 Lateral blowers (adjustment according to diameter) for final body dry: 3 Device for bottle bottom dry: 2 Speed 400-2400 bottles/hour (speed adjustment with inverter) Manufacturer: GAI S.p.A. Model: 5103W Code: GAI-5103W-R0 Category: AUTOMATIC FULL BOTTLES WASHER AND DRYER

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