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GAI 6006 top/24 Monoblocks


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Automatic monobloc in stainless steel with non-welded high stiffness mechanical frame, in a single piece, composed of:  [1] 24 two phases rinser-blower (example water + gas) Øp mm 1152 in stainless steel for bottles with 115mm max diameter. A gripper device takes the bottle by the neck and - through a system of sprocket-wheel-rack pushed by a cam - turns it upside down. The nozzle enters in to the bottle neck for 75 mm. The injection takes place only in bottle presence. There is no contact between the bottle neck and the injector parts.The two injection system are completely separated. The calibration and duration of the injections may be adjusted through an external cams system. The dripping water is recovered in a closed circuit without wetting the machine. The pincers then go back to normal position and opens letting the outlet star place the bottle on the conveyor belt. [2] 6 Multi-heads revolving deaerator for bottle deaeration with high vacuum pump. Bottle filling with neutral gas on the same station. [3] 24 Gravity filler Øp mm 1152 with light depression. The filling valves (patented) cut of both the wine and the gas return, excluding any contact between the inside of the tank and the environment. Centralized level adjustment and centralized valves opening for sterilization. The filling level can be adjusted between 30 and 90mm from the top of the mouth. The valves have centring cone. The feeding of the wine centrally from below allows the tank to be emptied naturally and completely. The flow is adjusted by an electrovalve. The washing and sterilization of the tank allow the outflow from above. The filling valves have got an open position for washing and sterilization. The pedestals of the bottles are mechanical with thrust by spring and return by cam. Filler tank with big thickness and high polishing. [4] 6 Multi-heads inert gas injector before corking. This operation reduces the quantity of oxygen in the head space. The reduction of oxygen in wine is important in the natural cork corking and even more in the screw capping. The user may decide to control the filling level (mm). [5] 5 Vacuum revolving corking turret Øp mm 324. Cork closure at 16mm. Mono pipe cork feeding with cam system for secure cork dispensing into the head (Corks feeder not included in the price list see page 269). Heads, centring cones and high vacuum cam sector disassembling is very easy and quick. Oil bath bottle lifting pedestals. Cork presence photocell. Generalized use of stainless steel. [6] 5- 4290x V1 screw capping revolving turret Øp mm 324 (without thread) fed by vibration with vibrator on the turret. Capsules distribution “on the spot” with inert gas blow in the cap. Closing capsules head with 4 rolls with “no cap no roll” system. Magnetic sensor for metallic screw capsules. It is possible by-pass the rinser and/or corker and/or capper rotation.The bottles inlet and the transfer among the turrets are synchronized by infeed screws. The turrets height adjustment is electrical.Equipped for one type of cylindrical bottle. The monobloc is composed of: -Safety guards in accordance with CE standards with tempered glass doors.-Dummy bottles with manual positioning for rinser sterilization.-Dummy bottles with manual positioning for deaerator sterilization.-Capacitive probe (Vega) with analogue signal from 4 to 20 mA for feeding pump inverter management of the filler.-Dummy bottles with manual positioning for filler sterilization.-Dummy bottles with manual positioning for gas injector sterilization.-Proximity to check bottles descending at the end of the filling stage.-Electrical adjustment of punches for the depth of the cork in the bottle.-Photoelectric cell device to avoid the store up of bottles at the exit of the monobloc.-PLC and operating terminal (touch screen).    Output 4500 litres/hourSpeed 1500-7500 bottles/hour Manufacturer:GAI S.p.A. Model:6006 top/24 Code:GAI-6006TOP/24-R0 Category:RINSING-DEAERATION-FILLING-GAS INJECTION-MULTIHEADS CORKING - CAPSULING MONOBLOC

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