GAI 6406 Monoblocks

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Automatic monobloc in stainless steel for plate and square bottles composed of:
 [1] Slanted capsules dispenser mod. 4603D-408 suitable for tin, polylaminated and shrink-wrap foils with cork detection photocell, bottle neck centring device and pressing capsule.
[2] Ventilate shrinking head with thermostatic probe (with security pneumatic lifting).
[3] Linear labeller for auto-adhesive labels on square and plate bottles with:• Station for back label on plate and square bottles with height adjustment and step-step motor.• Frontal station for labelling on plate and square bottles with height adjustment and step-step motor.
• Upper belt for bottles holding during labelling phase with encoder timing.
Machine supplied with security guards according to CE standards. Labelling station and monobloc management centralized from the control panel with touch screen (possibility to save bottles format). Variable step infeed screw bottles inlet. Equipped for one type of square or plate bottle. Machine with 0,5HP conveyor and collecting plate of 500mm. 

 Polylaminated and tin foils 800-1.200 bottles/hour 
Shrinking caps 800-2200 bottles/hour

TECHNICAL FEATURES:- Paper passage 190 mm- Label application tolerance ± 1 mm- Maximum number of label dispensing stations 4 (2 on square bottle and 3 cylindrical bottle)- Label roll with inside diameter 76 mm and outside diameter 280 mm- Height adjustable stations, between 10 and 150 mm from the bottom of the bottle- Possible installation of a thermal transfer printer on back label- Bottle side dimensions from 45 to 115 mm (optionals from 35 and 45 mm)- Bottle height from 230 to 400 mm with caps dispenser- Bottle height from 170 to 400 mm only labelling 

Manufacturer:GAI S.p.A.

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