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Automatic monobloc in stainless steel with ROOF type auto-cleaning slanted inox frame composed of:  [1] 28 Two phases rinser-blower machine Øp mm 1260 (example. water+gas) with places in stainless steel for bottles with maximum diameter 115 mm. A gripper device takes the bottle by the neck and - through a system of sprocket-wheel-rack pushed by a cam - turns it upside down. The nozzle enters in to the bottle neck for 75 mm. The injection takes place only in bottle presence. There is no contact between the bottle neck and the injector parts.The two injection system are completely separated. The calibration and duration of the injections may be adjusted through an external cams system. The dripping water is recovered in a closed circuit without wetting the machine. The pincers then go back to normal position and opens letting the outlet star place the bottle on the conveyor belt.  [2] 36 Electropneumatic filler Øp mm 1440 with light pressure annular tank.  Each valve is equipped with: Inductive sensor for bottle presence and cycle start. Pressure transducer to signal bottle vacuum and pressure (the valve does not fill if the bottle does not reach the tank pressure). Vacuum circuit electro-pneumatic valve. Electro-pneumatic valve for pressure compensation with tank gas. Auto-levelling circuit electro-pneumatic valve. Double effect electro-pneumatic circuit to open/close gas return circuit. Double effect electro-pneumatic circuit to open/close liquid circuit. The filling level can be adjusted from the control panel with adjusting range between 25 and 100mm from the top of the mouth with no manual intervention. Every valve has a dummy bottle for the cleaning and sterilization of the machine. The placing of the dummy bottles is automatic with cycle handled from the control panel. The valve can work with pressure from 0 to1 bar both still and sparkling liquids. The filling level is precise even without using the auto-levelling circuit. The filling valve is protected by patent n° TO2012A000869 All circuits are canalized. The filler has a sterilizing CIP circuit. The filler has an analogue level feeler suitable to administrate the feeder pump inverter (the pump is not included in the price list). Liquid ring pump with tank for recirculation with thermocoupling, level sensor and electrovalve to handle temperature and water level in tank. Tank gas pressure and bottle levelling handled by PLC. Filler spouts centring with movement and cam to centre bottle neck on the inlet star. The filler has spouts automatic washing in case of bottles breakages. Mechanical bottles lifting pedestals with cam return and automatic lubrication. [3]  6 Vacuum revolving corking turret  Øp mm 324. Cork closure at 16mm. Mono pipe cork feeding with cam system for secure cork dispensing into the head (Corks feeder not included in the price list CAPSULES FEEDER section). Heads, centring cones and high vacuum cam sector disassembling is very easy and quick. Oil bath bottle lifting pedestals. Cork presence photocell. Generalized use of stainless steel. It is possible bypass the rinser and/or corker and/or capper rotation automatically from the control panel. The inlet and the transfer among the stations are granted by infeed screws that lead and synchronize the bottles. Electrical height adjustment for all station. The monobloc is equipped with:   Safety guards in accordance with CE standards with tempered glass doors.   Universal infeed screws.   Sides motor adjustment.   Centralized dummy bottles for rinser sterilization.   Electrovalves kit to switch gas and washing liquid entrance and discharge liquid of the circuit after washing cycle.   Electrical adjustment of punches for the depth of the cork in the bottle.   Photoelectric cell device to avoid the store up of bottles at the exit of the monobloc.   PLC and operating terminal (touch screen).   Electrical height adjustment of all stations.   Capsule/cork presence device.   Equipped for one type of cylindrical bottle.  Output LP (1) 6000 ltres/hoursSpeed 2000-8000 bottles/hours  Effective yield depends on many factors, among which: A) type of product; B) pressure of bottling; C) temperature of bottling; D) type of bottle Manufacturer:GAI S.p.A. Model:8031 RE LP Code:GAI-8031RELP-R0 Category:RINSING - LIGHT PRESSURE ELECTROPNEUMATIC FILLING- MULTI HEADS CORKING- MULTI HEADS CAPPING MONOBLOC

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