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Automatic monobloc in stainless steel composed of: [1] Long autonomy capsules dispenser mod. 4606D-408 for tin, polylaminate and shrinking capsules with capsule detection photocell, bottle neck centring device and foil pressing piston. [2] Ventilate shrinking head with thermostatic probe (with security pneumatic lifting). [3] Multi-heads revolving sleeker for tin and polylaminate capsules with heads speed rotation adjusted through inverter from 1.000 to 2.000 r/pm (for aluminium caps add pre-sleeker). [4] 6 Revolving automatic labeller  Øp 432 in stainless steel for auto-adhesive labels composed of:• Turret electrical height adjustment.• Station for body label in stainless steel with step-step motor with vertical, horizontal and angular adjustment. The position is highlighted by numerical signs.• Station for back label in stainless steel with same features.• Centralized labelling station administration with touch screen.Infeed screw bottles inlet.Equipped for one type of cylindrical bottle.Machine supplied with security guards according to CE standards.Infeed screw transfer and synchronization of the bottle between the turrets.Machine to be installed in line (without conveyor and re-sending roller). TECHNICAL FEATURES- Default machine has left to right bottle flow.- For 8400/M (only mechanical version) labelling cam for 2 labels and 1 back label- For 8540/M (only mechanical version) labelling cam for 2 labels and 2 back labels- Label roll: internal diameter 76 mm, maximum external diameter 400 mm- Maximum label width 200 mm- Paper passage 190 mm and blade 190mm- Label application tolerance ± 1 mm- Label positioning 10 to 270mm from bottle bottom.- Bottle diameter from 60 to 115 mm- Bottle height from 170 to 400 mm- Taper: maximum taper towards top 45°- Taper: maximum taper towards bottom 7°- Photocell and warning device for end of label roll on every station- Bottle entrance gate regulating bottle flow OPTIONALS- Additional labelling station- Stars and guide for lateral notch search- Screw, stars, central guide (and plates) for shaped bottles- Device to allow work with continuous flow of bottles- Device to stop machine in case of bottle store up- Thermal transfer printer- Extra band for label stretching at bottle exiting from machine ELECTRONIC OPTIONALS- Plates with centring and expelling device (See ELECTRONICAL PLATES section)- Plates for bottom notch search (See ELECTRONICAL PLATES section)- Notch search photocell on capsule (See ELECTRONICAL PLATES section) Speed:Thermal 1.500-3.000 bottles/hour INVERTERSleeker 1.500-4.000 bottles/hour INVERTERLabeller 1.500-4.000 bottles/hour INVERTER Manufacturer:GAI S.p.A. Model:8400/6E Code:GAI-8400/6E-R0 Category:CAPSULES DISPENSER, CAPSULING MACHINE AND AUTOMATIC Rotative labeller - ELECTRONICAL DRIVEN MONOBLOCK

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