GAI 9031 RM BIER Monoblocks

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Automatic monobloc in stainless steel with ROOF stainless steel frame made of:
[1] 28 Two phases rinser-blower Øp mm 1260 (example water + gas) in stainless steel for bottles with 90mm max diameter. A gripper device takes the bottle by the neck and - through a system of sprocket-wheel-rack pushed by a cam - turns it upside down. The nozzle enters in to the bottle neck for 75 mm. The injection takes place only in bottle presence. There is no contact between the bottle neck and the injector parts.The two injection system are completely separated. The calibration and duration of the injections may be adjusted through an external cams system. The dripping water is recovered in a closed circuit without wetting the machine. The pincers then go back to normal position and opens letting the outlet star place the bottle on the conveyor belt.
[2] 50 Spout  Isobaric Filler with anular tank for bottles with 90mm max diameter Øp mm 1800.
Filler feeding controlled by pump (MONO or LOBI) with inverter (pump price not included). Filler is equipped with a capacitive probe (VEGA) with analogue signal from 4 to 20 mA for feeding pump inverter management of the filler. Liquid entrance includes a no-return valve. Gas pressure in the tank is managed by a pressure switch controlling the gas entrance electrovalve (ON-OFF) and the gas discharge electrovalve.The filler is equipped with:• Bottle double pre-evacuation: the air in the bottle is sucked up and replaced with CO2 in pressure. One more suction takes place before balancing the bottle pressure with the gas present in the tank. In this way, about 99% oxygen in the bottle is eliminated. A liquid ring pump with tank for water recirculation is used.• Liquid ring pump with recirculating tank with thermocouple, level sensor and electrovalve to manage temperature and tank water level.• Gas pressure in the tank and bottle levelling pressure in the bottle handled by plc.• Bottle de-gassing when coming out from the filler.• Filler spouts centring with movement and cam to centre the bottle neck on the inlet star.• Pneumatic lifting pedestals in axis with the bottles with cam return.• Automatic lubrication of lifting pedestals.• Electrical adjustment of tank heigh and spouts cams.• Valves sterilization cam with electro-pneumatic positioning.• Spouts automatic external washing.• A light spurt of water causes foaming of the beer immediately before crown capping.
[3] 6 Revolving crown capping turret fed by vibration Øp mm 324 (without autonomy).
It is possible bypass the rinser and/or corker and/or capper rotation automatically from the control panel. The inlet and the transfer among the stations are granted by infeed screws that lead and synchronize the bottles.
The monobloc is equipped with:- Safety guards in accordance with CE standards with tempered glass doors.- Universal infeed screws.- Sides motor adjustment.- Centralized dummy bottles for rinser sterilization.- Electrovalves kit to switch gas and washing liquid entrance and discharge liquid of the circuit after washing cycle.- PLC and operating terminal (touch screen).- Electrical height adjustment of all station.- Capsule/cork presence device.- Equipped for one type of cylindrical bottle.
Output (1) 6,000 litres/hourSpeed 3,000-9,000 bottles/hour 
Effective yield depends on many factors, among which: A) type of product; B) pressure of bottling; C) temperature of bottling; D) type of bottle
Manufacturer:GAI S.p.A.
Model:9031 RM BIER

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