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GAI MLE661-HP-4140/4270/4292 Bottling machinery

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Automatic linear monoblock in stainless steel composed of:  [1] LINEAR electro-pneumatic rinser with 6 places in stainless steel for bottles with maximum diameter of 115mm. A gripper device with floating universal jaws takes the bottle by the neck and - through a motorized chain system - turns it upside down. The nozzle enters into the bottle neck for 70mm. The injection time is defined through board panel and injection occurs only in bottle presence. There is no contact between the bottle neck and the injector parts. The dripping water is recovered in a closed circuit without wetting the machine. Electrical turret height adjustment.  [2] Electro-pneumatic LINEAR HIGH PRESSURE filler at 6 valves for bottles with maximum diameter 115 mm.  The machine is equipped with: - bottle presence detectors - pressure transducer to monitor vacuum and pressure into the bottle (the filling valve doesn't fill if the bottle doesn't reach the pressure of the tank) - electro-pneumatic valve for vacuum circuit - electro-pneumatic valve for self-leveling circuit - electro-pneumatic valve for degassing circuit - electro-pneumatic valve on each filling spout to enable, in bottle presence, vacuum, pressure compensation, self-leveling, degassing - electro-pneumatic double acting piston on each filling valve for opening and closing gas return circuit - electro-pneumatic double acting piston on each filling valve for opening and closing liquid circuit  The filling level is centralized and it is possible to adjust manually the range between 25 to 100mm from bottle mouth. Each valve is equipped with dummy bottles to clean and sterilize the machine. Dummy bottles manual positioning. The valve can work both with still and carbonated liquids with pressure up to 8 bar. The filling level is precise even without using the self-leveling circuit. The total closure of the filling valve make much easier the degassing even in case of problematic products and allow the filling of sparkling liquids even at room temperature.  The filling valve is patented with n° T02012A000869. All circuits are canalized (also the degassing one) and the filler is completely predisposed for a sterilization CIP system. Liquid feeding from the bottom allows a natural and total emptying of the tank. The flow is adjusted by a pneumatic electro-pneumatic valve. Double pre-evacuation: the air in the bottle is sucked out and replaced by pressurized CO2, it is again sucked out before balancing the bottle pressure and the tank pressure. In this way around 99% of the oxygen in the bottle is eliminated. It is used a liquid ring pump to create the vacuum degree needed. Tank gas pressure and bottle leveling managed through PLC.  [3] COLUMN COMPOSED BY: - The 4140P corker closes the cork slowly to a diameter of 16mm by using 4 stainless steel prismatic guide studs hardened, ground and polished. It creates the vacuum in the bottle neck by a high vacuum pump so that the fast introduction of the cork would not create any pressure and avoid any risk of dripping. The head and centering cone disassembling are very easy and quick. - 4292P one-headed screw capper ( 4 rolls - no cap no roll with inverter) for screw caps with maximum length 60mm. Caps distribution is "on flight", with gas injection to reduce the quantity of oxygen in the cap. A rammer in the position next to the distribution assures the descending also of the caps that are longer than 40mm. Caps closure occurs in the next position. There is no gas injection in the bottle before capping. While, there is gas injection in the cap before distribution. - Crown capper 4270P fed up by vibration.  The entrance and transfer between all stations are made by infeed screw that drive and synchronize bottles. All stations height adjustment is electrical (rinser, filler and corker). Monoblock is supplied with: - safety guards in accordance with CE standards - universal infeed screw - dummy bottle for rinser sterilization - dummy bottles for filler sterilization Equipped for one type of cylindrical bottle and natural corks, one type of crown caps and one type of screw caps diameter 31,5mm Output 750 liters/hour on still product Speed up to 1.200 bottles/hour on beer 0,331 bottle With PLC and operating terminal (touch screen 7,5"" colours) Manufacturer:GAI S.p.A. Model:MLE661-HP-4140/4270/4292 Code:GAI-MLE661HP3HEAD-R0 Category:RINSING - HIGH PRESSURE ELECTROPNEUMATIC FILLING- CORKING- CAPPING MONOBLOC

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