ITALfilters LWF 20 Wine filtration

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Wine filtration
Press filter LWF 400 X 400 series with polypropylene plates
Standard version. Steel frame covered in AISI 304 on wheels composed of: fixed head, mobile plate, bridge, plate supporting deck rails, stainless steel manual closure screws of the appropriate diameter, supply pump with piston, AISI 304 body with HP1 motor, AISI 304 inspectable lung, gauge, regulation and safety valves, AISI 304 tubing and valves, AISI 304 drip tray with bottom drain, polypropylene plates with internal filtrate collector, electrical panel with plastic box.
Very versatile unit utilized for filtration of various products: fermentation lees, fresh juices, unfermented lees, young wines; utilized for filtration of foods and industrial fluids.
- H.D. frame in stainless steel on wheels.- Stainless steel AISI 304 covered head and mobile plates.- Plates made of plastic material and filtering clothes in polypropylene.- Stainless steel piston pump or membrane pump.- Pressure buffer tank in stainless steel AISI304.- Removable dip collection tray in stainless steel AISI 304.- Filter assembly closing unit by means of a large central screw, or manual hydraulic system on request.- Pressure gauges, sample valves, valves in stainless steel.- Electrical components mounted on a water proof body.- 40 clamp fittings - DN 40
COMBINATION FILTER: WINES/LEES-With proper fitting and attachments this same unit can also be utilized as a Plate Filter. This feature, which one is possible by the simple exchanging of the lees plates with the ""wine plates”, this allows the operator to utilize this filter also for polishing and sterilizing filtration.
INCLUDED WITH LWF 20:- 20 Plate with cloth- Blind Plate with 3/4 inch valve- Manual hydraulic closing system- KIT cardboard filtration (valves, pressure gauges, sight glasses, etc.)- 20 Noryl plate for cardboard filtration
Frame 30 plates with 20 plates and cloths
Parts in contact in Aisi 316 made on request
Self priming Aisi 304 electropump with trolley and by pass on request
V 380/3/50Hz
Model:LWF 20

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