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ITALfilters RV 8 Wine filtration

Product description

ITAL FILTER ROTARY DRUM 8 VACUUM FILTER Rotary drum vacuum filter A S S O with sumerged suction pump Standard Version Turbid bath on wheels with electrical level, pneumatic mixer with cutting device with X210/12CR steel blade - micrometric advancement of the blade at ½ inverter - motor group for the rotation of the drum around the axis - AISI 304 drum with AISI 316 filtering mesh – filtrate expansion with immersed pump – AISI 304 pump for the precoat – self-priming supply pump with flexible impeller– wide AISI 304 precoat preparation tank with agitator – cast iron vacuum pump with stainless steel impeller – vacuum pump control sensors for the reduction of electricity consumption (except ASSO/8) - mesh washing device and vacuum pump water recovery - electrical panel with plastic cassette. Voltage 400/TRI/50Hz Rotary drum vacuum filters suitable for the filtration of liquid substances having high solids content. The filtration system is performed by mechanical action. Made of 304 stainless steel complete with pumps, tubing, and D.E. preparation tank. Fully automatic filtering operation as well as automatic wash down. FEATURES: -Average output: 35 Hl/hour for must-Centralized control panel-Automatic blade return at the end of the filtration cycle-D.E. tank equipped with mixer-Filtered liquid manifold completely separated from the air manifold-Possibility of filtering the residual liquid-Drum easily inspectable through a manhole-Filtration tank-Vacuum pump cooling system equipped with buffer tank to reduce water consumption-220 Volts Three Phase Power. 11 Hl/h lees - 35 Hl/h must (average output) 40 clamp fittings – DN 40 Manufacturer:ITALfilters Model:RV 8 Code:ITA-RV8-P0 Category:HORIZONTAL SCREENS FILTER

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