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OMAC enosoluzioni BOB 2.5 Winemaking clarifiers

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Flotation is a clarification technique that involves the use of gas to carry solids to the surface of juice. Our System works by injecting Nitrogen or air in to unsettled juice that has been treated with pectic enzymes. The nitrogen then adheres to the surface of any solids in your juice, allowing them to be floated to the surface. BOB® is a flotation instrument designed for the small and average wineries; it allows for the separation of must juice lees in quicker times. Constructed of 304 stainless-steel and with high quality components, BOB® is built according to all industrial standards. Easy to use, it doesn’t need particular maintenance. If you treat your musts with BOB® flotation unit you’ll have the following advantages: - Unit includes a dosing pump to treat wine with gelatin or other fining agents to allow better clarification- Reduction of the must clarifying times- Clarifying coadjutants saving- Reduction and compactness of the residual dregs- Saving of electric power which necessary to cool the musts for the static clarifying- Greater typicality and high contents of aromas precursors. The must has to preventively be treated with enzymes Pressure: 5.0 barPower: 5.5 kw/220V/3PHProduction: 5.300/6.900 Gallons/h Manufacturer:OMAC enosoluzioni s.r.l. Model:BOB 2.5 Code:OMAC-BOB25-O0 Category:FLOTATION INSTRUMENT

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