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OMAC enosoluzioni s.r.l. ALADINO Wine filtration

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The cross-flow filtering system is nowadays the most reliable efficient technical solution both for economic and quality reasons. That is why OMAC ENOSOLUZIONI SRL is launching a new line of cross-flow filters designed for particular oenological purposes, in order to satisfy the small and medium winery needs.  ALADINO has been thought for the cross-flow filtration and entirely realized in 304/316 stainless steel, with polypropylene hollow fi ber membranes. It is especially suggested for the fi ltration of grape juice, wine, sparkling wine, etc. ALADINO IS USED FOR THE FOLLOWING PROCESSES: ? shiny wine production? wine with sugar residual production? malolactic fermentation prevention? sweet wine fi ltration? to stop anomalous fermentations? to enhance the primary and secondary scents? to get young wines clear in only one solution? to reduce clarifying product wastage? to reduce sulphating? to stop the use and disposal of fl our? to extend the lifetime of fi ltration membranes during the bottling process ALADINO GUARANTEES: ? a minimum temperature rising during the working process? no heat loss? no wine oxygenation? really easy use Technical Features:model: ALADINO n° of modules: 2surface (m2): 25output (l/h): 1.200-2.200power (kW): 5.25weight (kg): 260        dimensions (cm): 160x78x195h Manufacturer:OMAC enosoluzioni s.r.l. Model:ALADINO Code:OMAC-ALADINO-N0 Category:CROSS FLOW FILTER

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