OMAC VNB 330 Wine pumps

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Wine pump
The VNB-330 with it's special OMAC sanitary positive displacement rotary lobe pump head is one of our best selling pumps. Designed after extensive consultation with winemakers, our OMAC pumps are practical, rugged and have the right features such as a full remote control and bi-lobe head.
The pump head the OMAC ""B?"" series bi-lobe positive displacement pump. Bi-lobe pumps sweet the must throught the pump chamber without crushing the seeds. They operate at low speeds making them ideal must pumps. All contect parts are stainless steel and they are easy to clean. The conncetions are standard 3"" Triclover.
PEC uses the the rugged Woods frequency drivers and thress phase motors for smooth variable speed control aver the pumps antire operating range. Frequency drive gives you full power at low RPM's where you need it. The digital display makes setting pump speed easy. The control box and the motor are splash proof.
Model:VNB 330

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