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Pillan Tico 50 Piston Press



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Enotecnica Pillan Tico 50 Piston Press PIL-TICO50-O0 The Tico Press 50 TM is an improved easy to operate vertical hydraulic basket press. It uses a simple single stroke cylinder instead of the complex screw and double cylinder of the old system. The entire hydraulic system is in a hinged mount so it can swing out of the way for loading the press. Tico Press is available in both hand pumped hydraulic and electric motorized pump version. TECH DATA Motor: 0.5 HP 120 VAC. Weight: 200kg (440 lbs.) Capacity: 34 gallons Piston diameter: 70 mm Pressure: 350 atm. Overall Dimensions: 950x1900h (mm)

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