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COMPACT BREWHOUSE BH2 15BBLCombi tank: Upper compartment: Mash mixer/Lauter tun; Lower compartment: HWT; Kettle/Whirlpool
- combi tanks and multifunctional tanks in different combinations;- completely wired and piped, including manifold with butterfly process valves;- integrated pump (in the standard configuration the brewhouse is equipped with one pump; optionally the system can be upgraded with a second pump to improve the brewing capacity of the brewhouse);?- lauter tun with heated bottom and tank wall space saving design: support frame and perforated walk-on platform combine the vessels and other components in a compact block;- master brew interface control system: temperature control, flow regulation, pump on/off, mixer rotation speed, setting of timers and step mashing parameters;?- the system allows performing the multi-step mashing;- available also in a configuration for high gravity brewing.
DESIGN: - combi tanks, multifunctional tanks- integrated process piping- milled false bottoms- integrated pump system- including platform for combining the necessary vessels - Lauter High Gravity
SANITARY DESIGN: - polished internal tank surface and welds- easy and fast cleaning
USER FRIENDLY: - versatile process with stage selection- master brew interface control system, manual control (pump on/off, temperature control, flow regulation)-45/60 minute cnockout time 
HIGH QUALITY MANUFACTURING PROCESS ?- 100 % TIG welding- laser welded heat exchangers (pillow-plate)?- automated grinding and polishing of welds and surfaces?- electropolishing of all components in contact with the product?- certified materials?- traceability of materials, mastering of technological processes and control procedures in the production
 MADE IN CONFORMITY WITH STANDARDS ?-management, planning, production, sales and environmental management according to the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards?-planning and production of pressure vessels according to PED 97/23/EC (Module H/H1)
SINGLE TEMPERATURE INFUSION MASHINGInfusion mashing is a traditional mashing method to produce and recover extract from a single temperature. The single infusion mash uses a single temperature rest at which the enzymes are active to convert the malt starches into wort sugars. This method is widely utilized for ale style beers and for producing lagers widely recognized in the United States and throughout the world. Infusion mashing utilizes the ""combi system"", which incorporates mash/lauter tun and boil kettle/whirlpool. Two combinations of combi system are available:
STAGE II Single infusion mashing with rake plow option1 Mash mixer (MM) / Lauter tun (LT) - upper comp. of combi tank2 Hot water tank (HWT) - lower compartment of combi tank3 Kettle (K) / Whirlpool (W)A Heat exchangerB PumpC Control cabinet with touch screen operating panelD Integrated process pipingE Grist case (option)F Platform with stairs and guardrailsG Rake plow with drive unit
TECHNICAL DATA:Max. mash volume in tank (1) bbl 10Tank volume (2) bbl 15.8 Tank volume (3) bbl 19.4Tank diameter (1) inch 64.4 Tank diameter (2) inch 64.4Tank height (1) inch 109.0 Tank height (2) inch 85Grist case height inch 59.5Total length approx. (L) inch 146,0Total width approx. (W) inch 89,0
Manufacturer:SK Group
Model:BH2 15BBL

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