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SK Group FW-3100GAL wine tanks



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The tanks are suitable for red wine vinification and storage. The tank wall has the shape of upright cylinder. The legs are welded to the bottom of the tank. Laser welded heat exchanger (pillow plate) is on tank wall. The tank is not insulated. The vessel is to use exclusively under atmospheric pressure. external surface finishing:legs, tank wall and lid flowered finish (K), bottom untreated internal product contact surface finishing:untreated external welds finishing:vertical and horizontal butt welds on the tank wall striped (BP), corner welds cleaned and passivated without brushing (CZZ) internal product contact welds finishing:butt welds mechanically polished (P) without brushing, corner welds cleaned and passivated without brushing (CZZ) finishing of other surfaces and welds:not defined NOMINAL VOLUME (L) 11800 (gal) 3121 THEORETICAL VOLUME (L) 11857 (gal) 3136 DIAMETER/WIDTH D (MM) 2200 (inc) 86 TANK WALL H (MM) 3000 (inc) 118 TOTAL HEIGHT Z (MM) CA. 4000 (inc) 157 LEGS N (MM) 350WEIGHT (KG) 548 (lbs) 1208 WORKING PRESSURE TANK (barg). atmospheric WORKING PRESSURE JACKET (barg). 3 TEST PRESSURE JACKET (barg). 6 LEG BASE WELDED NPT, S=10, 200X125, THREAD M36 LEGS T N=500 G=4 BOTTOM KC CONE CENTRICAL D=2200 incl. 8 TANK WALL1 CYLINDRICAL D=2200 H=1500 TANK WALL2 CYLINDRICAL D=2200 H=1500 LID KE CONE ECCENTRICAL D=2200 PACKAGING1 STANDARD PACKING (FOIL) PACKAGING2 PALLET FOR TANKS, WOOD, L<=4000 EQUIPMENT DRAIN PORT DKC TC 3""(76)/91, EN1.4301 RACKING PORT TC 2""(51)/64, EN1.4301 SAMPLE VALVE PORT TC 15/34, EN1.4301 RECTANGULAR DOOR 530x410mm LA B6E RING 80x8, INOX HANDLE 14301 OVAL MANWAY 310x440 mm, LA A3 RING 30x10mm, WITH S-ARM 14301 TOP MANWAY DN420mm, LA D22E, h100/220mm, EN1.4404 TANK INLET RD78 FI58 DIN11851-VERTICAL, EN1.4404 CONNECTION FOR TERMOMETER INT. THREAD NPT 1/2"", EN1.4301 CONNECTION FOR TEMPERATURE PROBE INT. THREAD NPT 1/2"", EN1.4301 LADDER HOLDER L= 420/fi21,3, EN1.4301 LIFTING RING 4,0mm ACCESSORIES SAMPLE VALVE TC 15 (ISO), EV THERMOMETER WELL NPT 1/2""ZN L= 200mm -1 PRESSURE COMPENSATING VALVE DN50, BR ART.251 CUP PLATE D=150 s=8MM EN1 4301 THREAD SPINDLE M36x100(120), 1 4301 DOCUMENTATION DIMENSIONS DRAWING OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUALL Manufacturer:SK Group Model:FW-3100GAL Code:SK-FW3100GAL-R0 Category:TANKS FW

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