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SK Group LTIU 100BBL Bright tanks


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"BRITE BEER TANKS - 100 BBL INSULATED WORKING PRESSURE 1 BARVolume (L): 11735 (100BBL) - 3100 GALTheoretical Volume (L): 13144 - 3472 GALDiameter (mm): 2200 - 78 inchTank wall (mm): 2900 - 114 inchLegs N (mm): 600 - 23 inchTotal height (mm): 4400 - 173 inchWeight (kg): 1548 EQUIPMENT:DRAIN PORT DKC TC 1""1/2(38)/50,5, EN1.4301 (only for 7-90 BBL tanks)DRAIN PORT DKC TC 2""(51)/64, EN1.4301 (90-120 BBL tanks)2"" TC CO2 portSAMPLE VALVE PORT TC 1""1/2(38)/50,5, EN1.4301OVAL MANWAY 310x440 mm, LA A3 RING 30x10mm, CURVED, WITH S-ARM, INOX HANDLE, 14301TEMP. WELL fi 10 1/2"" NPT FT, L= 230 mm, WELDED for thermometerTEMP. WELL fi 10 1/2"" NPT FT, L= 230 mm, WELDED for probeDOUBLE JACKET INLET V1 3/4"" EXTERNAL THREAD NPTID PLATETANK INLET TC 3""(76)/91, EN1.4404 in the centreCIP PIPE 1""1/2 + 1/4"" NPT INT. + 3/8"" NPT EXT. + 2x TC 1""1/2, EN1.4301 removableTANK INLET TC 2""(51)/64 , EN1.4301 for safety valve (only for 7-90 BBL tanks)TANK INLET TC 2""1/2(63)/77,5, EN1.4301 for security valve (only for 90-120 BBL tanks)LIFTING RINGSCONNECTION FOR LEVEL INDICATOR TC15/34, EN1.4301LEVEL INDICATOR,TUBE 16/20 PLEXIGLAS, EN1.4301CONNECTION LEVEL INDICATOR WITH RETURN TC15/34, EN1.4301 ACCESSORIES:BUTTERFLY VALVE VI TC 1""1/2 1.4301+ handle ABS 13p (depending on the tank size) CLAMP TC 50,5, EN1.4301 (depending on the tank size)GASKET TC BS4825 50,4/34,8 EPDM (depending on the tank size)BUTTERFLY VALVE VI TC 2"" 1.4301 + handle ABS 13p (depending on the tank size)CLAMP TC 64, EN1.4301 (depending on the tank size)GASKET TC BS4825 64,0/47,5 EPDM (depending on the tank size)TAP LEVEL HOLDER TC34 / FI 20 EV CO2 STONE 40-1 TC 2"" L450 WITH CLAMP AND GASKET (only for 7-50 BBL tanks)CO2 STONE 40-4 TC 2"" WITH CLAMP AND GASKET (only for 60-80 BBL tanks)CO2 STONE 40-5 TC 2"" WITH CLAMP AND GASKET (only for 90-120 BBL tanks)BALL VALVE 1/4"" NPT FT, VI, EN1.4301/AISI304 DIGITAL THERMOMETER DT5 - FAHRENHEIT PRESSURE GAUGE 0-4 BAR/PSI, BACK MOUNT 1/4"" NPT MT, INOX BALL VALVE 3/8"" NPT INT., VI, EN1.4301/AISI304 SOLENOID VALVE NPT FT. INCL. CONNECTOR AND COIL IM21F 24V SPRAY BALL ROTATIONAL, VI V-TRE, RANGE 360, CLIPS, 1.4404 PVRV TC 2"" K64VP51.4 WITH CLAMP AND GASKET (only for 7-90 BBL tanks)PRV TC 2""1/2 WITH CLAMP AND GASKET (only for 90-120 BBL tanks) THREAD SPINDLE M24x150(170), 1 4301 CUP PLATE D=150 s=8MM EN1 4301 SAMPLE VALVE ES/SK TC6/4 1.4301CLAMP TC 50,5, EN1.4301GASKET TC BS4825 50,4/34,8 EPDM DOCUMENTATION:DIMENSIONS DRAWINGOPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUALLCERTIFICATES FOR MATERIALS OF TANK BEARING PARTS 3.1BPRESSURE VESSEL EVIDENCE LIST (OBR10-10) Manufacturer:SK Group Model:LTIU 100BBL Code:SKG-LTIU100BBL-R1 Category:TANKS LTIU"

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