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SK Group MB4 30 BBL Brewhouses


Product description

MICRO BREWERY 30 BBLMash mixer; HG Lauter tun; Kettle; Whirlpool; Platform with stairs and guardrails; Control panel, Heat exchanger, pumps, Siemens flow meter; piping - we plan and design complete medium-sized breweries, all systems canbe designed with the client’s input for a defined process;- a variety of different vessel combinations and a number of vessels: multifunctional tanks (mash mixer - lauter, kettle - whirlpool), individual process tanks (mash mixer, lauter, boil kettle, whirlpool, hot/cold water tanks);?- fully piped and wired, including valves and sensors;- integrated pump system;- CIP system: separated CIP for individual tanks to prevent cross product interference;- master brew interface control system (touch screen control panel),- staircases and platform combine the vessels in a compact unit, perforated and sectional construction of the walk-on surface ensures protection against slipping;- automated lautering, automated water mixing. Multi-step infusion mashing Multi-step mashing procedure includes a series of rests at various temperatures in a mash mixer. From one step to the next the temperature is increased to the desired value.The main advantage of the temperature-programmed mashing is that both specific enzyme activity and fermentability of the wort can be promoted by controlling the temperature and duration of stands at selected points. This method is widely utilized for German and European style beer.Step mashing programme includes 6 steps with the possibility of time and temperature setting. Wort recirculation (duty cycle and pump speed) and rake rotation (duty cycle and rotation speed) can be set for each step to ensure a homogeneous mash temperature. Implementation of CIP cleaning Integrated CIP system provides two different cleaning options:Option 1: Rinse the system with water from the hot water tank. Open corresponding valves to create circulation of hot water and set the desired working speed of the pump.Option 2: Rinse the system or individual tank with prepared cleaning substance from external source via drain connection. Integrated pumps The system includes several centrifugal sanitary pumps: for hot and cold water tank, for lauter tun, for mash mixer, for kettle and whirlpool. The number of pumps depends on the brewhouse model.The pumps are suitable for use in food and beverage industry. They serve to offer an efficient transfer of the product and can also be used for CIP. Main components: 1 Mash mixer (MM)2 L auter tun (LT)3 Kettle (K)4 Whirlpool (W)5 Hot water tank (HWT)6 Cold water tank (CWT)A Heat exchangerB Integrated pumpsC Control and operating touch screen panelD Control cabinetE Grist case (option)F Platform with stairs and guardrails TECHNICAL DATA:  Mash mixer volume (1) bbl 31,9Lauter tun volume (2) bbl 49,4Kettle volume (3) bbl 48,8Whirlpool volume (4) bbl 40,6Hot water tank volume (5) bbl 60Cold water tank volume (6) bbl 60Mash mixer diameter (D1) inch 72,5Lauter diameter (D2) _ ID / OD inch 90 / 94Kettle diameter (D3) inch 80Whirlpool diameter (D4) inch 76HWT/CWT diameter (D5) inch 79Height without grist case (H1) ft 11,7Height with grist case ft 21,3Total length approx. (L) ft 32,3Total width approx. (W) ft 20   Manufacturer:SK Group Model:MB4 30 BBL Code:SKG-MB4-30BBL-R2 Category:MICRO BREWERY

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