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DESCRIPTION Closed drum pneumatic press enables oxygen-free pressing (hyperreductive pressing) as well as classical pressing and pomace maceration. Must flows in the absence of oxygen through the perforated draining channels into the collection vessel. PSH 21_AVk_HR_400V3PH50Hz_S1_UKDRUM (L) 2100WIDTH - TRANSPORT (MM) 1600WIDTH - OPERATION (MM) 1850LENGTH/LENGTH WITH AXIAL FEED (MM) 3230/3230HEIGHT / HEIGHT WITH WHEELS (MM) 1650/1900WEIGHT (KG) 1054WORKING PRESSURE MAX (barg). 1,5capacity integral grapes (kg): 1100-1700capacity fresh lees (kg): 3300-5300capacity fermented lees (kg): 4800-7300SURFACE sandblasted (CrNi beads)frame SERIES L PS 21drum PSH 21, CLOSED, INERT-GAS, SEMI MEMBRANEhatch HERMETIC PS 21-55, 485x600mm, 1 leafsliding hatch drive SLIDING HATCH MANUAL OPENINGrolling wheels FI200x50; 2 fix, 2 swivel with brakedraining channel PSH_21, 10x, S=2,35m2, ELECTROPOLISHED, channel plug CHANEL PLUG DN50 DIN11851 (5x)cleaning opening DN80 DIN11851 WITH PLUGaxial filling connector CONNECTION DN100axial filling valve WITHOUT VALVEmain supply voltage PSx 21, 400V, 50Hz, 3PH, 6,3kW/4,0kWsafety SAFETY CORDautomatics AVk on a cable, 10 preset programs, adjustable (6 standard, 3 sequential, 1 special program)vacuum pump PSx 5-21 220V 1,2kWmain compressor INTEGRATED ROTARY VANE COMPRESSOR PSx 21auxiliary compressor AUXILIARY COMPRESSOR PMK PSx 21-150 (for HERMETIC HATCH, PNEUMATIC HATCH DRIVE, PSH, MUST SELECTOR)juice collection pan FIXED ON THE FRAME, VOLUME 250 Lpan outlet DN65 DIN11851strainer on the pan NOoxygen-free pressing INERT GAS IN THE DRUM, MUST COLLECTION PAN OPEN (HR1) DOCUMENTATION DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY CE DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY CE FOR PRESSURE VESSEL ACCORDING PED (97/23/EC) OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUALL SPARE PARTS LIST Manufacturer:SK Group Model:PSH 21 Code:SK-PSH21-Q0 Category:PRESS - M SERIE

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