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Type: Membrane
Power: Electric - Three Phase
DESCRIPTION Closed drum pneumatic press with possibility of pomace maceration. Must flows through the perforated draining channels into the collection pan. PST 12_AE_DR_400V3PH50Hz_S1_UKDRUM (L) 1200WIDTH - TRANSPORT (MM) 1220WIDTH - OPERATION (MM) 1220LENGTH/LENGTH WITH AXIAL FEED (MM) 2600/2600HEIGHT / HEIGHT WITH WHEELS (MM) 1430/1590WEIGHT (KG) 560WORKING PRESSURE MAX (barg). 1,5capacity integral grapes (kg): 600-950capacity fresh lees (kg): 1650-2250capacity fermented lees (kg): 2250-3750SURFACE sandblasted (CrNi beads)frame SERIES M PS 12drum PST 12, CLOSED, SEMI MEMBRANEhatch SLIDING HATCH PSx 10-12, 345x650mm, 2 leafsliding hatch drive SLIDING HATCH MANUAL OPENINGrolling wheels FI125x40; 2 fix, 2 swivel with brakedraining channel PST_12, 8x, S=0,94m2, ELECTROPOLISHEDchannel plug CHANEL PLUG DN50 DIN11851 (4x)axial filling connector CONNECTION DN100axial filling valve WITHOUT VALVEmain supply voltage PSx 12, 400V, 50Hz, 3PH, 3,9kW/2,0kWsafety SAFETY CORDautomatics AE, 5 fix preset programs, manual and automatic operation modevacuum pump PSx 5-21 220V 1,2kWmain compressor INTEGRATED PISTON COMPRESSOR PSx 12juice collection pan WITH WHEELS, VOLUME 250 Lpan outlet DN40 DIN11851strainer on the pan NO DOCUMENTATION DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY CE DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY CE FOR PRESSURE VESSEL ACCORDING PED (97/23/EC) OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUALL SPARE PARTS LIST
Manufacturer:SK Group
Model:PST 12
Category:PRESS - M SERIE

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