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SK Group ROPPI-600 by ROBIX Grain roller mills

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Roppi-MILL RX-600 with motor 2.2 kW 380V 3 pH  The function and scope of the machine:Grain-crop crackers are suitable for the crushing of air-dried corn, wheat, barley and other small-seed crops.The granule size of the crushed seeds can be adjusted by varying the clearance distance between the crushing cylinders. The family of cracking machines is suitable to meet the needs of small, medium or large farms, depending on the output category.It is well known that ruminants in general, and calves in particular, are not fond of finely 1milled crops, so their feed intake of these is low.Unlike milled crops, the crushed feed does not result in the mouth and respiratory tract of the stock being choked, so the ruminants are capable of a higher intake. The feed still maintains a loose structure in the rumen, ideal for the promotion of digestion, and thus enabling a better utilisation of the feed.The outcome of all this is that for stock fed by crushed grain, in comparison with stock fed by milled feedstuffs, the number of digestion disorders will decrease and the appetite will improve, resulting in the keeping of animals being more economical. Technical informationPower input: kW 2.7 Engine revs: l/min. 1435 Protection: IP 34Touch protection: 1st classMass: kg 125 External dimensions L x W x H: mm 1250x1750x1670Cracking output (wheat with 14 % water content): kg/h  600 Adjustable cracking clearance: 0.2 - 4.5 mmHopper volume: l 50Noise output, Lc: db/A 102 Construction and operation of the machineCracking of the crop is achieved by the 2 cylinders located in the housing. The cracking cylinders are driven by an electric motor by means of a V-belt. The two cylinders are connected by gears. The rate of grain input into the cracker can be variety infinitely, depending on the type and moisture content of the crop.The grain is nipped between the cylinders according to the set clearance distance. The cracking tolerance can be varied infinitely between broad limits.The surface of the cylinders is coated with hard-metal powder, so these have a very long lifetime. The magnet located in front of the feed opening prevents steel objects falling between the cylinders.The cracker can be mounted on supporting legs or on a wall console.Require a three-phase connection. The mills RX-600 are predisposed for the voltage 400V/50 Hz. For different voltages rewire the motor and change the circuit breaker. Manufacturer:SK Group Model:ROPPI-600 by ROBIX Code:SK-ROPPI-600-ROBIX-R0 Category:GRAIN CRUSHERS

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