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The tanks are suitable for wine fermentation and storage. The tank wall has the shape of upright cylinder. The legs are welded to the bottom of the tank. The tank is not insulated. The vessel is to use exclusively under atmospheric pressure. external surface finishing legs and tank wall flowered finish (K), bottom untreated internal product contact surface finishing untreated external welds finishing vertical and horizontal butt welds on the tank wall striped (BP), corner welds cleaned and passivated without brushing (CZZ)internal product contact welds finishing butt welds mechanically polished (P) without brushing, corner welds cleaned and passivated without brushing (CZZ)finishing of other surfaces and welds not defined SEKU_300L_S1KEPL_D640_H960 NOMINAL VOLUME (L) 300 79 GALTHEORETICAL VOLUME (L) 323 85 GALUSEFUL VOLUME (L) 305 DIAMETER/WIDTH D (MM) 640 25 inchREINFORCEMENT (MM) 730 TANK WALL H (MM) 960 37 inchTOTAL HEIGHT Z (MM) CA. 1300 51 inchLEGS N (MM) 300 12 inchWEIGHT (KG) 19 WORKING PRESSURE TANK (barg). atmospheric LEGS F N=300 G=3 BOTTOM KE CONE ECCENTRICAL D=640 TANK WALL1 CYLINDRICAL REINFORCEMENT RING PL FLAT D=640 PACKAGING1 STANDARD PACKING (FOIL) EQUIPMENT DRAIN PORT DKE TC 1""1/2(38)/50,5, EN1.4301 RACKING PORT TC 1""1/2(38)/50,5, EN1.4301 SAMPLE VALVE PORT TC 15/34, EN1.4301 ACCESSORIES SAMPLE VALVE TC 15 (ISO), EV PRESSURE COMPENSATING VALVE 1""1/4, RI ART.340, POLI FLOATING LID GASKET D640/610 PUMP WITH MANOMETER AND VALVE AP01 FLOATING LID D610 FOR TANK D 640 RI, EN1.4301 ANTI-DUST LID D640, EN1.4301 D<950 DOCUMENTATION OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUALL Manufacturer:SK Group Model:SLU 300 Code:SK-SLU300-P0 Category:TANKS SLU

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