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DESCRIPTION Variable Capacity Red Wine Tanks are multipurpose tanks that are open at the top with a floating cover and intended for vinification as well as fermentation of the must or wine storage. These tanks are designed to ensure outstanding wine quality and are aesthetically pleasing when in a winery. Tanks come equipped with an oval manway, a rectangular manway, a three inch drain port, a two inch racking port, a sample valve, and much more (see accessories below).  NOMINAL VOLUME (L) 3900 THEORETICAL VOLUME (L) 4134 DIAMETER/WIDTH I.D. (MM) 1650 WIDTH O.D.    (MM) 1735 TANK WALL H (MM) 2000 TOTAL HEIGHT Z (MM) CA. 2900 LEGS N (MM) 300 WEIGHT (KG) 338 WORKING PRESSURE TANK (barg). atmospheric WORKING PRESSURE JACKET (barg). 3 TEST PRESSURE JACKET (barg). 6 LEGS WITH ADJUSTABLE SPINDLE FEET BOTTOM REINFORCED TANK WALL1 CYLINDRICAL TANK WALL2 CYLINDRICAL WITH CENTER COOLING JACKET REINFORCEMENT LIFTING RINGS FLOATING LID WITH HAND PUMP EQUIPMENT DRAIN PORT DRA TC 3"" RACKING PORT TC 2"" SAMPLE VALVE PORT TC 1"" RECTANGULAR DOOR 420x310mm  OVAL MANWAY 310x440 mm CONNECTION FOR THERMOMETER NPT 1/2"" (Front of tank) CONNECTION FOR TEMPERATURE PROBE  NPT 1/2"" (Back of tank) LADDER HOLDER 420mm Length FLOATING LID CRANE  WINDLASS SUPPORT INCLUDED ACCESSORIES SAMPLE VALVE  THERMOMETER WELLS (2) PRESSURE COMPENSATING VALVE (AIRLOCK) FLOATING LID GASKET  HAND PUMP FOR GASKET WINDLASS LEG EXTENSION 300 MM FOR STANDARD TANK  DOCUMENTATION DIMENSIONS DRAWING OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL Manufacturer:SK Group Model:VR-1000GAL Code:SK-VR1000GAL-P0 Category:TANKS VR

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