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CROSS-FLOW FILTER ""NITOR SUPER SMART” - FOR STILL AND SPARKLING WINE Composed by:• N. 1 skid mounted on wheels suitable to be forklifted• N. 1 pre-strainer with 65 ?m cartridge in stainless steel.• N. 1 loop centrifugal pump• N. 1 backwash System under HMI control• N. 1 magnetic flow meter and totalizer• N.1 membrane complete with piping, valves and inlet outlet sight glasses• Set of motorised valves with pneumatic actuator.• Set of pressure transducers, temperature transducers; magnetic flow meter.• Electric panel in stainless steel with Unitronics Samba HMI / PLC operator panel with colour display for Filtration and Backwash operative process phases control: filtration, intelligent back-wash, external retentate discharge, rinsing, washing, chemical sanitization with HMI assistance, capillary integrity test. Others automatic phases:• Self switch-off device in case of product lack or the filtration output is below the set parameters• Pumps control.• Dp pressure control. FILTERING MEMBRANEconfiguration : hollowmaterial : PPnominal porosity : ?m 0,2membrane surface : m2 20internal diameter : mm 1,5wall thickness : mm 0,4capillary thickness : mm 2,3The filter is delivered with already activated membranes. TECHNICAL DATA: Filtration modules (NR): 2Filtering surface PES version m2 (ft2): 372Flow rate of filtrate white wine (gal/h): 317÷1056Flow rate of filtrate red wine (gal/h): 264÷739Flow rate of filtrate sparkling wine (gal/h): 317÷1056Flow rate of filtrate grape juice (gal/h): 264÷634Flow rate of filtrate vinegar (gal/h): 158÷317Circulation pumps (NR): 1Power circulation pumps (HP): 10.1Water CIP complete (gal): 99Water CIP every cycle (gal): 19Caustic soda 3% (lbs): 5.1Citric acid 1% (lbs): 1.7Peroxide 0,3% (lbs): 0.4Air 6 bar (Nm3/h): 0.2Azote 2 bar (for bubble test) (Nm3/h): 0.1Length (inch): 55.1Width (inch): 31.4Height (inch): 78.7Empty plant weight (lbs): 727.5Plant weight in operation (lbs): 892.9Product inlet (DIN 11851) (DN): 50 F.Product outlet (DIN 11851) (DN): 25 F.Recovery (DIN 11851) (DN): 25 F.Washing hot water inlet (DN): 25 F.Washing cold water inlet (DN): 25 F.Compressed air inlet (ø): 1/4”G.F.Nitrogen inlet (ø): 1/4”G.F.Voltage (Volts): 400Frequence (Hz): 50 As any other kind of alimentary filtration, performances in cross-flow filtration depend on:• the nature of the product• the previous treatments on the product• the temperature of the product. Dynamic nitor advantages:• extremely compact dimensions• oxygen absorption reduced almost to zero• ""intelligent"" back wash• ""intelligent"" retentate exit valve based on wine s.s.• sight glasses @ each inlet outlets pipes• diagnosis for capillary integrity (bubble point)• magnetic flowmeter and batch counter (to set manually)• on board automatic CIP• Unitronics HMI / PLC EXCLUSIONS: • Product piping (product, retentate product and filtered product)• Compressed air• Hot soft water and hydraulic connections.• Electrical connections till the electrical panel• whatever else not indicated above. Manufacturer:TMCI PADOVAN Model:40 CROSS-FLOW SUPER SMART Code:PAD-40SUPERSMART-R0 Category:CROSS FLOW FILTER

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