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TMCI PADOVAN CARBONATOR 2100 L/H Carbonation units

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SEMIAUTOMATIC CARBONICATOR UNIT WITH FLOW-METER DOSING SYSTEM FOR CO2 The product first is cooled by an exchanger (optional).A special dosing system composed from a flow meter, modulating valve and ejector guarantee the correct amount of CO2 dosing.The system is controlled by instruments, automatic valves and controls with electronic regulator that adapt the carbonisation based of the selected parameters by the operator from the electrical cabinet and in the limits of the plant operability.The carbonated beverage is stored in a tank and feeding to the filler is assure from a pump, that functioning in base of the filler request. Main components: Inlet group:• no return valve;• pneumatic valves, st. st. AISI 316 for product charge;• centrifugal feeding pump;• sight glass;• magnetic flow indicator;• manual valves;• pressure gauge; CO2 dosing group: • pressure reducer;• manual valve;• Electronic flow meter;• modulating valve for CO2 dosing;• Ejector;• Holding tube; Carbonator buffer tank:• tank made of stainless steel AISI 304;• washing spray ball;• pressure probe;• level probe;• security valve;• no return valve (CO2 inlet);• manual valve (CO2 inlet);• pneumatic valves made of stainless steel AISI 316 for inlet and discharging CO2;• pressure reducer;• pressure switch for CO2 pressure control;• pressure gauge. Filling group:• centrifugal pump;• sigh glass;• pneumatic butterfly valves On-Off, made of stainless steel AISI 316;• manual butterfly valve, made of stainless steel AISI 316. Accessories and piping.Main plate-form made of st. st. AISI 304 with adjustable feet.Electrical control board in AISI 304 with electronic regulator for dosage control of CO2 Technical Data • Product : Beer• Flowrate (mixer product) : 2100 l/h• Max Product inlet temperature : 25°C (+/-2°C)• Max carbonation temperature : 5°C (+/-2°C)• CO2 consumption for product carbonation at 10 bar : 6 g/l +/- 0,1%• Total installed power : 9 KW• Air demand : 2.000 Nlh• Voltage : 400/50 Hz Manufacturer:TMCI PADOVAN Model:CARBONATOR 2100 L/H Code:PAD-CARBONATOR2100LH-R0 Category:CARBONATOR

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