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Whaley Products SA20D-3-2PT Refrigeration systems

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Model #: SA20D-3-2PT Nominal Tons: 20 Ton KW: 70.3 BTU/hr: 240,000 Pump Configuration: Dual Voltage: 208-230/3 Unit FLA (1 On Compressor): 47.2 Unit FLA (2 On Compressors): 84.5 Supply Pump HP: 3 HP Circ Pump HP: 1 HP Flow: 48 gpm Insulated Poly Tank Size: 100gal Number of Compressors: 2 Inlet/Outlet Connections: 1ea 1.5"" Length: 89"" Width: 68"" Height: 84"" Standard Features: 1. Condenser Fan2. Copper Tube / Enhanced Fin Coil3. High Efficiency Copeland Scroll Compressor4. heavy Gauge Steel Cabinet5. Refrigerant Line Connections, Electrical Inlets, & Service Valves Condensing Unit Certifications & Accreditations A proven condenser up to 14 SEER efficiency. Direct drive fan moves large air volumes uniformly through entire condenser coil for high refrigerant cooling capacity. Vertical air discharge minimizes operating sounds. TEFC motor for maximum protection from weather, dust, and corrosion. Rain Shield on motor provides additional protection from moisture. Ripple-edged aluminum condenser fins. Lanced fins provide maximum exposure of fin surface to air stream resulting in excellent heat transfer. Fin collars grip tubing for maximum contact area. Copper tube construction. Coil is factory tested under high pressure to ensure leakproof construction. Entire coil is accessible for simplified cleaning. Compressor crank case heater for low ambient installations. Copeland Scroll CompressorsCopeland compressors are utilized to provide the most efficient chiller system possible. Compa-Chill chillers credit the R-410a compressors for their reduced energy consumption, low vibration, reduced moving parts, and high resistance to liquid refrigerant return. 5 year compressor warranty is standard. Supply Pumps100’ TDH is standard design. Base mounted on sturdy 14 gauge steel to eliminate vibration, centrifugal iron TEFC motors are standard. For dual pump option, a smaller 40-60’ TDH recirculation pump is added to ensure proper water flow through evaporator to eliminate evaporator freeze-up. Many customers prefer this option for added security in the field. Brazed SS Plate Heat ExchangersA Stainless Steel 316SS is utilized to allow maximum heat exchange between refrigerant and water. Insulated ReservoirsPackaged units come standard with internal insulated rotomolded polypropylene reservoir for cold water storage. With dual pump option, reservoir is typically upgraded to a larger volume. to accomodate the extra flow in & out. TXV's, Filter Dryer, Sight GlassStandard thermastatic expansion valves incorporate balanced port construction, which makes them ideally suited for applications with a wide range of operating conditions. Specially designed for the higher pressure associated with the high efficiency R-410a. Filter dryers and sight glasses installed in liquid line for added security and simplified maintenance. Some Benefits of a Whaley Chiller Energy Efficiency- R-410a is more efficient than earlier R-22 systems because the higher pressures of R-410a systems make for greater refrigerant mass flow rates through the TXV. Laboratory analysis and testing have shown that R410A allows higher heat transfer than R22, resulting in more efficient operation. So choosing a Whaley Chiller with R410A not only makes sense environmentally - it also makes sense from an economic standpoint. Simplified Controls Equals Simplified Price - Digital Temperature Controls are utilized with easy to operate set point and temperature differential operation. The controller provides accurate temperature indication and control. Temperature is sensed from water outlet of evaporator. Available in Fahrenheit or Celsius measurement. Microprocessor control system available as option. Chiller System Safeties- Adjustable low pressure switch, fixed high pressure switch, and head pressure fan cycling switch will all be utilized in WPI’s chiller systems ensuring the safety of system components at all times. Evaporator Security - Dedicating a chiller circulation pump in addition to the supply pump ensures proper flow through the evaporator at all times. This eliminates the risk of freezing up an evaporator and damaging other key components in your system. Warranty - Whaley Products offers 1 year warranty on parts and a 5 year compressor replacement warranty. This extended warranty for the compressor ensures you are getting the most of your investment with WPI. INCLUDED: -- LOW AMBIENT PACKAGE-- 2"" BALL CONE CHECK VALVE -- 1.25"" BALL CONE CHECK VALVE  Manufacturer:Whaley Products Inc. Model:SA20D-3-2PT Code:WHA-SA20D-3-2PT-P0 Category:WATER CHILLER

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