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WINUS C2-W3R 4T Glycol chillers

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WINUS C2-W3 R 4T COOLER WITH ELECTRIC HEATER - 1.5 TON CHILLER4T VERSION designed to control 4 different temperatures!R VERSION can HEAT as well as COOLGlycol/water cooler complete with circulation pump, storage tank and hydraulic accessories, provided with extra thermostat for the measurement and control of product temperature upon request.FEATURES:Cooling capacity 1 at 53F: 4.7 HP (18,000 BTUH)Cooling capacity 2 at 21F: 2.0 HP (7,850 BTUH)Refrigerant gas: R-404A Already chargedTotal input power: 1.5 kWTotal input current: 10 AAir flow: 1900 m3/hWater flow rate: 317 gal/hAvailable pressure: 7 m.c.a.Power supply: 230/1/60+PE V/ph/HzQuantity of fermenting wine which can be controlled 2,642 Gallons Manufacturer:WINUS s.r.l. Model:C2-W3R 4T Code:WINUS-C2-W3R4T-Q0 Category:REFRIGERATOR

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