WINUS C2-W9R Glycol chillers

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Glycol chiller
WINUS C2-W9 R COOLER WITH ELECTRICAL HEATER - 3 TON CHILLERR VERSION can HEAT as well as COOLC2-W9 coolers are equipped with a thermostat and a probe for the automatic temperature control of the product in one tank. These models come with internal circulation pump, cooled liquid storage tank, and all the safety components required for the hydraulic and cooling system.Up to 10 different tanks can be controlled by installing an extra control panel and motorized valves.FEATURES:Cooling capacity 1: 2.5 HPCooling capacity 2: 1.2 HPRefrigerant gas R-404ATotal input power:3.7 kWTotal input current: 10 AAir flow: 2800 m3/hWater flow rate: 951gal/hAvailable pressure: 6 m.c.a.Includes an electrical heaterPower supply: 230/3/60+N/PE V/ph/HzQuantity of fermenting wine which can be controlled 7,670 Gallons
Manufacturer:WINUS s.r.l.

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