Beast 100 5 bbl 4 burner complete pilot brew system

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Heating Method: Direct Fire
Type: Full Brewing System
This is a fully turn key 5bbl pilot brew system that is ready rock out some brews right out of the box!

BEAST 100-Our 5 bbl turn key nano brew system features:                                                                                  
2 - 100 gallon American made mash kettle with false bottom and sparge arm
2 - 100 gallon American made boil kettle
AO Smith 540 tankless water heater
Clamp and hose kit
40 plate wort chiller w/oxygen stone and thermometer
fully automated control panel
2-1/8 HP recirculating pumps
Stainless steel burner top
Sturdy powder coated steel frame
Alluminum diamond plate protective front
Heavy duty casters
8-10 week build time

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