Psycho 2 burner base pilot brewing system

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This is our 2-burner RIMS system that would have mash and boil kettles. And would use an on demand tankless water heater in place of the HLT. This system can handle up to 100 gallon kettles

-100 btu electronically controlled mash burner
-200 btu AUTO lite boil burner
-Control panel PID controller and pump switch
-1/8 HP March 315 pump
-Stainless steel burner top -Powder coated steel frame
-Heavy duty locking casters -Protective aluminum diamond plate protective front shield
-Propane or natural gas
-8-10 week build time

-4”x12” 40 plate wort chiller with oxygen stone and thermometer. Able chill 60 gallons in 15 minutes
-Auto lite boil burner
-Tri-clamp fittings and hose assembly

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