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4" IC Type Housing Air Tight GU10 Line Voltage New Construction


Product specifications

Broad Category
Light Fixtures
Specific Product Type
4" Recessed Can Lights
Lum-Tech Lighting
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit

Product description

The LH-430ICA is designed for insulated ceilings and can be in direct contact with insulation material. The LH-430ICA offers a wide choice of trim types including reflector, lensed and wall wash trims. The AIR-TIGHT housing design prevents airflow through the ceiling, helping save on heating and cooling costs. AVAILABLE TRIMS Model Number Description LT-LT-42W 4" White Baffle and White LT-LT-43W 4" White Eyeball Trim LT-LT-44C 4" Clear Specular Reflector Trim LT-LT-47W 4" White Retractable Wall Wash LT-LT-48WH 4" White Adjustable Wall Wash Trim LT-LT-49W 4" White Pin Hole Trim LT-LT-410WH 4" White Slotted Wall Wash w/ Baffle Trim LT-LT-411W 4" White Gimbal Trim LT-LT-416W 4" Eyeball with White Baffle Trim LT-LT-418WW 4" White Pin Spot with White Baffle Trim LT-LT-421 4" Shower Fresnel Lens LT-LT-46W 4" White Wall Wash Trim LT-LT-417W 4" White Wall Wash w/ Baffle Trim DESIGN FEATURES HOUSING Listed for through branch circuit wiring. (Max.8 No 12 AWG 90°C branch circuit conductors. (4in,

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$23 / unit
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