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8 Foot 4 Lamp T8 Fluorescent Strip Retrofit Kit, LBF Ballast


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Broad Category
Light Fixtures
Specific Product Type
Strip Retrofit Kits
Howard Lighting Products
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit

Product description

FSR8 series fluorescent strip channel retrofit kit is a simple and cost-effective solution to upgrading existing 8' strip fixtures into newer and more efficient electronic T8 or T5 strips. APPLICATIONS Improved Light Energy Savings Utility Rebates Improved Reliabity DESIGN FEATURES CONSTRUCTION Designed for trouble free installation. Uses two (2) 4' gear trays that install independently for easy installation. Lampholder cutouts guarantee correct lampholder spacing and that lampholder will not fall out during install. Optional reflectors available Code gauge steel High gloss, baked enamel finish High quality lamp holders NEC compliant luminaire power disconnect standard Contents: 2 geartrays with fully wired ballast and lampholders; 12 tek screws; 4 geartray tethers BALLAST Electronic, Inherent Thermal Protection, Class P, Sound rated A UL Listed QUALITY ASSURANCESystem Tested, Designed, Approved, and Manufactured in Mendenhall, Mississippi.

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$38 / unit
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