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Titanium Series 1X4 LED Troffer Fixture


Product specifications

Broad Category
Light Fixtures
Specific Product Type
Direct/Indirect Recessed Lighting
Relight Depot
Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit

Product description

The Titanium Series LED troffer light fixture encompassed the latest technological advances in the design of LED chips and the light fixtures that house them. The built-in thermal management system ensures the LEDs will always run at the cool temperatures necessary to achieve their full long life potential. And with a low profile of only 2.3 inches, these LED troffer fixtures will fit into even the tightest spaces. The latest generation of long life and high efficacy LM-80 certified LED chips, together with superior photometric engineering, ensures a durable and rugged troffer fixture that will operate for many years at far less power than conventional fluorescent troffers without maintenance or the need to ever replace light elements. The Titanium Series 1x4 LED troffer fixture is available in the following models: Part Number Fixture Size Color Temperature Input Watts Lumen Output XATT14-L35KU low power 1x4 LED troffer 3500K 30.3W 2,277 XATT14-L40KU low power 1x4 LED troffer 4000K

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$176 / unit
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